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Gladion's Silvally

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In the games
At some point before the events of the game, [[Gladion]] was able to free one of the Type: Null, which he adopted as his own in the hopes of finding a way to undo the effects of the limiter helmet and allow it to use the RKS System. Gladion, who sympathizes with Type: Null due to their shared connection with the Aether Foundation, often calls it '''Null'''. Gladion and Type: Null battle against and alongside the {{player}} at various points of the story, and eventually, the two become close enough that Type: Null no longer needs its helmet, and evolves into Silvally, a new form named by Gladion himself according to the [[Rotom Pokédex]]. Gladion and Silvally later challenge the player at the foot of [[Mount Lanakila]], where it holds the memory matching the {{pkmn2|starter}} of the type the player's starter is weak to.
In [[Pokémon Sun and Moon]], after the player becomes {{pkmn|Champion}}, and Gladion becomes acting president of the Aether Foundation, he discovers another of the Type: Null that was put into stasis. He entrusts it with the player at Aether Paradise's Conservation Area, knowing they will take good care of it. In [[Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon|Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon]], Gladion and Silvally leave for [[Kanto]] and [[Johto]] to train after the player becomes Champion, and leave the other Type: Null with [[Wicke]] to give to the player at [[Ancient Poni Path]] on their way to [[Poni Grove]].