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Soaring in the sky

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'''Soaring''' (Japanese: '''{{tt|大空|おおぞら}}をとぶ''' ''Flying in the sky'') can first be accessed after receiving the [[Eon Flute]] from [[Steven Stone]]. Once the Eon Flute is used, {{p|Latias}}{{sup/6|AS}} or {{p|Latios}}{{sup/6|OR}} will come to the {{player}}'s side and [[Mega Evolution|Mega Evolve]]. This is regardless to whether or not the Pokémon are present in the player's party, are holding their respective [[Mega StonesStone]]s, have been {{pkmn2|released}}, or have been transferred or [[trade]]d away.
While soaring, several {{pkmn2|wild}} {{type|Flying}} Pokémon may be encountered, as well as special locations known as [[Mirage spot]]s. Players may also freely travel to any previously visited location, much in the same way as {{m|Fly|flying}}.
The Pokémon will remain stationary if it is given no direction. Using the Circle Pad will make it move forwards or backwards or turn. Combining the Circle Pad with other buttons allows the player to perform various {{wp|aerobatic}} stunts.