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Dedenne (Pokémon)

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Minor appearances
A {{pkmn|Trainer}}'s Dedenne appeared in ''[[SM092|Turning the Other Mask!]]''.
A Trainer's Dedenne appeared in [[SM130]]. It was sleeping on its trainers lap during the [[Manalo Conference]] battle between {{an|Lana}} and {{an|Mallow}}.
===Pokédex entries===
Dedenne seems to be based on a {{wp|Japanese dormouse}}, {{wp|gerbil}}, or {{wp|hamster}} combined with a {{wp|television antenna}}.
Dedenne may also be based on the French version of the {{wp|tooth fairy}} (''La Petite Souris''; i.e. {{wp|The Little Mouse}}), which is described as a small mouse that exchanges baby teeth for coins, hence the {{t|Fairy}} typing. It is also known to steal electricity from a household which could also explain the type.
====Name origin====