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Our heroes have now finally arrived in [[Mossdeep City]] and are on their way to the [[Mossdeep Gym]] so {{Ash}} can {{pkmn|battle}} for his {{Badge|Mind}}. As they are about to enter the Gym, a woman runs out in a hurry. She stops at Ash's request, and he asks her if the [[Gym Leader]] is around. She explains that the Gym Leader is at the [[Mossdeep Space Center]] to watch a rocket launch. This instantly catches [[Max]]'s interest. The woman goes on to explain that the rocket will be escorting a manned space shuttle, and Max gets very excited at the prospect of watching the launch himself. {{an|Brock}} consults his guidebook for info on the Space Center, and Max talks more about it. {{an|May}} is also interested, remembering their [[AG087|recent adventure]] with a Lunatone and learning of its origin in outer space. Max agrees and proceeds to babble onwards again, but Ash soon gets annoyed and yells "FORGET IT!" before glaring at Max and telling him that they'll be going to the space center only to find the Gym Leader, ''not'' for the space shuttle. In response, Max pretends to apologize while thinking to himself that once they get there, Ash will want to see the launch as well.
At the Space Center, the astronaut pilot of the shuttle is going through the pre-launch checklist with mission control. Some conversation also goes on between [[Jin]] (the pilot) and [[{{an|Rachel]]}} (his wife, one of the operators in the mission control center). While all this is going on, {{TRT}} is quite a distance away in a tree, observing the launch site through their binoculars. As they talk, {{MTR}} gets the idea to steal the shuttle and give it to {{an|Giovanni|the Boss}}. He has a [[Boss fantasy|vision]] of Giovanni waking up in the morning and smiling when he sees the Team Rocket rocket outside his bedroom window. Meowth then sees Giovanni flying in the shuttle to explore outer space, and of course praising "Meowth and friends" for giving it to him. The trio then does their trademark cheer at the end.
Meanwhile, Ash and {{ashfr}} have entered the Space Center and Ash wonders aloud where the Gym Leader is. They come to a door and open it, finding various machines inside the rooms. This catches Ash's interest, and Max says that these are the training machines that {{wp|astronaut}}s use. Ash runs to one, while May, Max, and Brock approach another. May wonders what it is, and Max calls it a moon walker. He explains that astronauts use it to practice walking on the moon in decreased {{wp|Gravitation|gravity}}, and May pictures herself having fun on the machine. Ash, meanwhile, is interested in the nearby MAT (multi-axis Trainer). Finding the gate in front of it unlocked, he and {{AP|Pikachu}} get in the seat and Ash straps himself in, thinking it'll be fun to ride it. Looking around for a way to start it, he sees two buttons on the left armrest: a blue one and a red one. He pushes the red one, and the MAT promptly begins to rotate and spin rapidly, causing Ash and Pikachu to yell out and hang on for dear life. Finally, Pikachu braces itself against Ash and stretches its tail towards the blue button, barely managing to push it, stopping the ride. Ash and Pikachu get off, stagger up to the others, and collapse, very dizzy. Brock says it's his own fault for "touching stuff", and May tells him not to expect any sympathy. She also says that "boys are so immature" under her breath.
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