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Steel Wing (move)

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In the anime: Drew's Flygon has its own article now.
{{movemid|type=steel|user=Winona|user1=Winona's Pelipper|startcode=AG085|startname=Sky High Gym Battle!}}
{{movep|type=steel|ms=330|pkmn=Flygon|method=Both of Flygon's wings glow white and it hits the opponent with them.}}
{{movemid|type=steel|user=Drew|user1=Drew's Flygon|startcode=AG123|startname=Rhapsody in Drew}}
{{movep|type=steel|ms=207|pkmn=Gligar|method=The blue parts of Gligar's wings glow white, and it hits the opponent with them. While flying, it leaves a white streak behind it.}}
{{movemid|type=steel|user=Morrison|user1=Morrison's Gligar|startcode=AG127|startname=From Brags to Riches}}