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Cast: - Removing Satomi Koorogi as Togepi's English voice. It hasn't appeared since the recast, and while it is likely to be retained, other Togepi, like in the previous movie, have been dubbed over since.
{{cast|Alola|Ash's Pikachu|disp=Pikachu|Ikue Ohtani|Pikachu|Ikue Ohtani|ピカチュウ|大谷育江}}
{{cast|Alola|Misty (anime)|disp=Misty|Michele Knotz|Kasumi|Mayumi Iizuka|カスミ|飯塚雅弓}}
{{cast|Alola|Misty's Togepi|disp=Togepi|none<!--Satomi Koorogi-->|Togepi|Satomi Koorogi|トゲピー|こおろぎさとみ}}
{{cast|Alola|Brock (anime)|disp=Brock|Bill Rogers|Takeshi|Yūji Ueda|タケシ|うえだゆうじ}}
{{cast|Alola|Jessie|Michele Knotz|Musashi|Megumi Hayashibara|ムサシ|林原めぐみ}}