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Personality and characteristics
Once Ash made the selfless act to save Charizard from freezing in ''[[EP105|Charizard Chills]]'', Charizard finally shook off the poisonous personality traits left by Damian and regained full loyalty to Ash. Its ability to work as part of a team was still hampered but when working together with {{AP|Pikachu}} to defeat [[Luana]], it finally managed to overcome that difficulty. Since this point, Charizard has been willing to assist Ash in any battle, ranging from [[Casey's Chikorita]] to [[Falkner]]'s Pidgeot with no complaint. However, Charizard maintained the rebellious Flamethrower attacks as a sign of affection for its master and while Charizard was loyal, its love of power and reputation remained. This was shown significantly in its departure in ''[[EP134|Charizard's Burning Ambitions]]'', where it brashly challenged each of the wild Charizard at [[Charicific Valley]] even though it was defeated every time.
Under {{jo|Liza}}'s training regime, Charizard had significantly matured while retaining its fiery nature and fierce battling spirit. This was shown in ''[[BW136|A Pokémon of a Different Color!]]'', where it attempted to act as a peacemaker between [[Clair]]'s and {{an|Iris}}'s two {{p|Dragonite}}, despite failing.
====Moves used====