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Sootopolis City

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'''Sootopolis City''' (Japanese: '''{{j|ルネシティ}}''' ''Rune City'') is a city located to the east of the [[Hoenn]] mainland.
Sootopolis City plays a major part in the {{pkmn|games}}, as it is the location where the {{player}} has their encounter with the [[Legendary Pokémon]] {{p|Groudon}}{{sup/3|R}}{{sup/6|OR}} or {{p|Kyogre}}{{sup/3|S}}{{sup/6|AS}}, and obtain their final [[Badge]].
Sootopolis City has a fantastic nighttime view, with stars peering in through the top of the crater.
In the [[Pokémon games]], Sootopolis City can only be reached by diving through {{rt|126|Hoenn}}, or by {{m|Fly}}ing or [[soaring in the sky|soaring]]. Sootopolis is surrounded by {{rt|126|Hoenn}}.