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Personality and characteristics
===Personality and characteristics===
Lapras was particularly afraid of all humans, namely because of the actions of [[Three punks|three boys]], who quickly setattacked uponit after it washed up on [[Tangelo Island]]. {{Ash}} and Lapras quickly formed a strong bond after Ash saved it from {{TRT}} in ''[[EP084|The Lost Lapras]]''. Lapras's speed was critical to Ash's success during his [[Orange League]] campaign, as it was used in many of his [[Gym Leader]] matches.
It is an empathetic and reliable Pokémon who gained confidence during its time with Ash. Its more playful personality outshone its initial shyness. Lapras was hesitant to rejoin {{DL|Recurring wild Pokémon in the anime|Lapras|its family}} in ''[[EP113|Viva Las Lapras]]'', though Ash convinced it to do so. When Lapras later appeared in [[Johto]], it was shown to have grown more mature, eventually even taking the leadership of its herd after helping to defeat Team Rocket and save the other Lapras they had stolen.