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In the Pokémon Adventures manga
In [[PASM28]], Lusamine received a large amount of [[Beast Ball]]s from [[Colress]]. She revealed her next goal was to capture {{p|Necrozma}}, the Pokémon worshiped as the "Blinding One" by the people of the [[Ultra Megalopolis]]. Afterward, [[Phyco]] of the [[Ultra Recon Squad]] arrived at the [[Poni Altar]] to take Lusamine to the Ultra Megalopolis. After seeing the wild {{p|Naganadel}} Phyco used to travel through [[Ultra Space]], Lusamine demonstrated the Beast Ball's power by using one to catch it. She then requested that Phyco take her to Naganadel's habitat before heading to their actual destination. After arriving at the Ultra Megalopolis, Lusamine, Phyco, and several {{tc|Aether Foundation Employee}}s found Necrozma battling {{adv|Sun}} and {{adv|Moon}}. Lusamine's presence angered Sun, who claimed that she was responsible for taking away his [[Sun's great-grandfather|great-grandfather]]'s island. Offended at Sun's claim, Lusamine sent out a {{p|Nihilego}} and had it fuse with her.
In [[PASM30]], the fused Lusamine and her team attacked {{DL|List of Pokémon with form differences|Necrozma|Dawn Wings}} Necrozma to capture it. With one of the Beast Balls dropped in the fight, Sun caught a {{p|Stakataka}} and used it to attack Lusamine, who retaliated by sending out her other Ultra Beasts. When Necrozma fled to [[Megalo Tower]], Lusamine and her Ultra Beasts followed it. At the top, Lusamine expressed anger that Necrozma refused to listen to her before being hit by one of its attacks. AfterwardAfterwards, Lusamine was sucked into a wormhole Necrozma created, dropping her back to Alola.
Later, Lillie, Sun, [[Sina]], [[Dexio]], and [[Samson Oak]] found a barely-conscious Lusamine on the summit of [[Mount Lanakila]]. Lillie confronted her mother, revealing to her that [[Mohn]] was still alive in Alola somewhere. Overwhelmed with emotion, Lusamine separated from Nihilego, but passed out immediately afterward. Sun tried getting Lusamine to a hospital, only to notice that Necrozma had arrived.