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Differences from the original movie
===Differences from the original movie===
* Mewtwo's armor has a different design, and can also act as a restraint should heit rebel. Giovanni attempts and fails to utilize this feature before Mewtwo escapes the [[Team Rocket]] base.
* [[Raymond]]'s {{p|Golem}} is replaced by a {{p|Drowzee}}, in the process eliminating the error present in ''Mewtwo Strikes Back'', where Pikachu manages to knock out the part {{type|Ground}} with a {{m|Thunderbolt}}.
* While Mewtwo observes Ash's {{pkmn|battle}} with Raymond, Nurse Joy delivers some exposition about Misty and Brock.
* [[Ash's Charizard]] lets itself out of its {{i|Poké Ball}} and tries to battle {{p|Dragonite}} when it lands.
* {{TRT}} attempts to take Ash and his friends to [[New Island]] in a {{p|Lapras}}-shaped sailboat, with the Viking motif being eliminated entirely. Team Rocket also sing a song during this scene.
* Brock tries to flirt with [[Neesha]], which he doesn't do in ''Mewtwo Strikes Back''.
* When Ash is petrified during the movie's climax, he turns to black stone instead of gray rock.