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{{ci|Olivine}}'s '''Lighthouse''' (Japanese: '''アサギのとうだい''' ''Asagi Lighthouse''), also known as the '''Glitter Lighthouse''' (Japanese: '''かがやきのとうだい''' ''Radiance Lighthouse''), is a location in [[Johto]].
It is here that Trainers{{pkmn|Trainer}}s will first find [[Jasmine]], the Olivine [[Gym Leader]], from a hint by {{ga|Silver|their rival}}. [[Amphy]] is an {{p|Ampharos}} who serves as a beacon for the Lighthouse. Recently, Amphy has become ill, and Jasmine, nurturing Amphy to health, will not leave for any reason until Amphy is cured. She asks the {{player}} if they will {{m|Surf|travel across the sea}} to nearby [[Cianwood City]] to get a [[Secret Potion|SecretPotion]], then bring it back to her.
While Jasmine has no fightable junior Trainers in [[Olivine Gym|her Gym]], the Lighthouse poses a challenge which provides more than enough of a counterbalance to it, as there are many Trainers on each of its floors. In [[Generation IV]], {{tc|Gentleman}} Preston and {{tc|Lass}} Connie are actually Trainers from the Gym, and will return there once Amphy has been cured.
Also in Generation IV, once the player has spoken to her, Jasmine opens a door for them leading to an elevator that goes from the top floor directly back to the bottom.