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Always exciting is a thing in ORAS.
Performing a move whose category is the same as the category of the Contest causes the excitement meter to go up by 1. Moves that are of the two adjacent categories do not affect the excitement meter, while moves that are of the two opposing categories causes the excitement meter to go down by 1. Filling this meter earns an additional heart, and in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, emptying it deducts a heart from the Pokémon's score.
In Ruby, Sapphire{{m|Return}} and Emerald, {{m|ReturnFrustration}}{{sup/3|RSE}}/{{m|Pay Day}} and {{m|FrustrationCelebrate}}{{sup/6|ORAS}} raise the excitement meter by 1 regardless of the Contest category. Some moves, like {{m|Follow Me}}, will prevent the excitement meter from going up for the rest of the turn after they are used.
If a Pokémon uses a move and the excitement meter reaches five, the Pokémon receives six extra hearts during its appeal, and the excitement meter returns to zero. If a Pokémon uses a move twice in a row, the judge will be disappointed and the excitement meter will not go up, regardless of the move's Contest type. However, it can still lower the excitement meter. Certain moves, such as {{m|Fury Cutter}} and {{m|Rollout}}{{sup/6|ORAS}}, don't have this restriction.