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{{Ash}} and {{ashcl}} are aboard a ship bound for [[Manalo Stadium]], the venue of the upcoming [[Manalo Conference]]. {{an|Lillie}} surprises her friends with an outfit change to represent her more confident self. When the ship docks, {{an|Professor Kukui}} greets his students, informs them that registrations end by the evening, and suggests they tour the island in the meantime. Ash, {{an|Kiawe}}, and {{an|Sophocles}} go to [[Manalo Stadium]], while Lillie, {{an|Mallow}}, and {{an|Lana}} go to the mall to do some shopping.
Meanwhile, {{TRT}} sets up their van in preparation for the crowd of spectators. [[James]] remarks that their early-release Manalo doughnuts were a success, but [[Jessie]] reminds him that they need to be focused on winning the [[Alola League]] in order to conquer the [[Alola]] [[region]]. {{MTR}} remarks that they can get rich while selling doughnuts and still win the League. Jessie suddenly notices a {{p|Stufful}} walk into her line of sight, causing the trio to start searching frantically for its mother, {{an|Bewear}}. However, this Stufful is revealed to belong to a spectator, much to the trio's relief. James admits that they made all preventative measures to avoid Bewear interrupting their plans, namely constructing a relaxing hot spring for Bewear and {{DL|Recurring wild Pokémon in the anime|Stufful}} to enjoy.
Ash and the boys reach the Manalo Stadium, where they find [[Hau]] and [[Hala]]. After Hau reveals he is entering the League as well, Kiawe and {{an|Sophocles}} introduce themselves. Ash notices Hau's new [[Z-Ring]], and he explains that he finally cleared his grandfather's [[Island challenge|grand trial]]. Hau also reveals that his {{p|Dartrix}} has since [[Evolution|evolved]] into a {{p|Decidueye}}. Ash shakes his [[bag|backpack]] to retrieve {{AP|Rowlet}}, only to find it asleep. However, Decidueye pecks it into waking up. Rowlet and Decidueye are thrilled to see each other [[SM097|again]] and exchange a fist-bump. Hau decides to explore the Manalo Stadium with Ash and his friends, with Decidueye and Rowlet flying into the sky.