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Meanwhile, {{p|Deoxys}} and {{p|Rayquaza}} are in the midst of an intense intergalactic {{pkmn|battle}}. Rayquaza fires a {{m|Hyper Beam}}, but Deoxys transforms into its {{DL|List of Pokémon with form differences|Deoxys|Defense Forme}} to protect itself. However the bounced attack strikes a meteor instead, sending it hurtling towards the {{pkmn|world}}.
At [[Bewear's den]], the [[Team Rocket trio]] watch Viren on his [[Television|shopping channel]] as he advertises the "Bling Bling Gold Safe", a seemingly indestructible safe. Viren orders his {{p|Electivire}} and {{p|Pangoro}} forward to attack the safe with a {{m|Thunder Punch}} and {{m|Fire Punch}} respectively. The safe stands up against these attacks, but Kartana appears and promptly slashes through the safe with ease. Viren ordersrecognizes Kartana toas ownthe upone towho destroyingdestroyed his statue and demands that it own up to its deeds as his Pokémon surround the menace. {{MTR}} is in awe of Kartana's power and [[Jessie]] declares that it would make the perfect gift for {{an|Giovanni|the Boss}}.
Soon after, Lusamine alerts Ash and the other Guardians to the latest Kartana sighting, this time at Viren Tower. However, by the time they reach the destination, Kartana has already cut its way to freedom. The Ultra Guardians pursue the Ultra Beast. Lillie suggests they lead Kartana to the mountains to avoid more havoc in Hau'oli City. Kartana readies its blades to slash at the Pokémon School, so Ash and {{p|Garchomp}} fly ahead to intervene. Ash explains that in his world, no one wants anything cut. Kartana appears to understand as it relaxes its blade arms and floats down. Now in the school grounds, {{an|Sophocles}} informs Kartana that they will be sending it back to its home world. Mallow kindly asks Kartana to enter into a Beast Ball, but as {{an|Lana}} throws out the capture device, Kartana slices through it. Seeing as Kartnana is unwilling to be caught, the Guardians settle on battling it. Kiawe calls on his {{TP|Kiawe|Marowak}}'s assistance. Marowak holds out its bone club and exchanges a stare with Kartana. The tense moment instantly reminds Rotom of sword master Nogawa. Kiawe orders a {{m|Flare Blitz}}. Yet the attack misses and Kartana manages to cut Marowak's Ultra Guardian symbol as a warning.