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Timeline of events in the anime

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{{series|Advanced Generation}}: Drew's Flygon has its own article now.
* [[Misty's Goldeen]] is seen battling for the first time and is revealed to know {{m|Agility}} and {{m|Horn Attack}}.
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| style="text-align:center" |''[[EP091EP092|ByeThe ByeJoy Psyduckof Pokémon]]''
* {{Ash}} learns that the next [[Orange League]] [[Gym]] is located on [[Navel Island]], and decides to head there.
| style="text-align:center" |''[[EP196|Control Freak]]''
* {{an|Brock}}'s {{p|Golbat}} [[Evolution|evolves]] into {{TP|Brock|Crobat}}.
* [[Brock's Geodude]] is revealed to know {{m|Dig}}.
* {{an|Brock}}'s {{p|Golbat}} [[Evolution|evolves]] into {{TP|Brock|Crobat}}.
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| style="text-align:center" |''[[EP199|Current Events!]]''
| style="text-align:center" |''[[EP251|Beauty is Skin Deep]]''
* {{Ash}}, {{an|Misty}}, and {{an|Brockashfr}} reach [[Blackthorn City]] and meet [[Clair]], the local [[Gym Leader]].
* Ash challenges Clair to a [[Gym]] battle.
* Clair's {{p|Dratini}} evolves into {{TP|Clair|Dragonair}}.
* {{Ash}} is briefly reunited with his {{AP|Lapras}}.
* Ash's Lapras becomes the leader of its herd.
* Ash is asked to deliver a [[Pokémon Egg]] to [[Professor Elm]].
* [[Brock's Crobat]] is revealed to know {{m|Sonic Boom}}.
* Ash's Lapras becomes the leader of its herd.
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| style="text-align:center" |''[[EP258|Hatch Me If You Can]]''
| style="text-align:center" |''[[EP266|A Claim to Flame!]]''
* {{Ash}}, {{Gary}}, and {{jo|Harrisonashfr}} passare therevealed screeningto rounds,have qualifyingarrived forin the [[{{jo|Silver Conference]]Town}}.
* Ash, {{Gary}}, and {{jo|Harrison}} pass the three screening rounds, qualifying for the [[Silver Conference]].
* Ash and Gary help to deliver the {{p|Ho-Oh}} flame to the stadium to allow the conference to begin.
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* {{Ash}} has all of the Pokémon he has been keeping at [[Professor Oak's Laboratory]] sent to him for the [[Silver Conference]].
* [[Ash's Kingler]] is injured in an accident and is unable to compete in the tournament.
* [[Ash's Squirtle]] returns to his team from the [[Squirtle Squad]].
* Ash wins his first preliminary battle against [[Macy]].
* [[Ash's Phanpy]] is revealed to know {{m|Earthquake}}.
* Ash wins his first preliminary battle against [[Macy]].
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| style="text-align:center" |''[[EP268|Tie One On!]]''
* {{an|May}} defeats [[Harley]] and {{OBP|Anthony|AG122}} and advances to the quarter-finals.
* {{Ash}}'s {{p|Snorunt}} [[Evolution|evolves]] into {{AP|Glalie}} and masters {{m|Ice Beam}}.
* [[Drew]] is revealed to have obtained a {{pTP|Drew|Flygon}}.
* Drew defeats May in the quarterfinals.
* {{ho|Robert}} defeats Drew in the finals, winning the [[Hoenn Grand Festival]].
* {{an|Cilan}}'s {{p|Dwebble}} evolves into {{TP|Cilan|Crustle}} and learns {{m|Rock Wrecker}}.
* The [[Team Rocket trio]] steals rocks from [[Chargestone Cave]].
* The Team Rocket trio meets Bianca for the first time.
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| style="text-align:center" |''[[BW063|Evolution Exchange Excitement!]]''
* {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} arrive in [[Vertress City]], where the [[Vertress Conference]] begins.
* Ash, [[Trip]], {{an|Bianca}}, {{un|Cameron}}, [[Stephan]], and [[Virgil]] enter the Vertress Conference.
* Bianca, Stephan, and Cameron all meet each other for the first time.
* Ash decides to use only his current [[party]] Pokémon in the tournament instead of using any of his Pokémon at [[Professor Oak's Laboratory]].
* Stephan defeats [[Radley]] in his first round battle, qualifying him for the next round.
* Ash and Trip make peace with each other.
* [[Virgil]], {{an|Bianca}}, and {{un|Cameron}} defeat [[Ultimo]], [[Mikael]], and [[Kendrick]], respectively, advancing them to the second round.
* Bianca and Cameron meet each other for the first time.
* Cameron defeats Bianca, advancing to the third round.
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|style="text-align:center" |''[[XY127|Analysis Versus Passion!]]''
* [[Alain]] defeats [[Remo]] in their semifinalsemifinals [[Full Battle]], advancing to the finals.
* Alain's {{p|Metang}} is revealed to have [[Evolution|evolved]] into {{p|Metagross}}.
* {{Ash}} begins his semifinalsemifinals Full Battle against [[Sawyer]].
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|style="text-align:center" |''[[XY128|A Riveting Rivalry!]]''