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In the anime
Alolan Pokémon have been present in the {{series|Sun & Moon}} since the [[SM001|first episode]]. {{Ash}} first learned about them in ''[[SM002|The Guardian's Challenge!]]'', where {{ashcl|his class}} discussed the difference between Alolan {{p|Exeggutor}} and Exeggutor from other regions.
An Alolan {{p|Persian}} [[nickname]]d Pershie first appeared in ''[[SM007|‪That's Why the Litten is a Scamp!]]'', where it was shown antagonizing a {{pkmn2|wild}} {{AP|Litten}}. It reappeared in ''[[SM083|Dummy, You Shrunk the Kids!]]'' and ''[[SM099|We Know Where You're Going, Eevee!]]''.
Multiple Alolan {{p|Rattata}} and {{p|Raticate}} appeared in ''[[SM009|To Top a Totem!]]'', where they were harassing a farmer on [[Melemele Island]], stealing his crops. [[Hala]] tasked Ash with finding a solution to this problem that doesn't involve battling the pests. Instead, Ash chose to battle the [[Verdant Cavern]] [[Totem Pokémon]], {{p|Gumshoos}}, and enlisted its help to scare the Rattata and Raticate away.