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After that, Pierre introduces the current Kalos Queen {{an|Aria}} as she enters the stage together with her {{TP|Aria|Delphox}}. She walks down a long staircase and heads to the center of the stage, where she greets her fans and the Performers competing for her title. Following Aria's speech, Monsieur Pierre starts explaining the rules, informing that the Master Class consists of Freestyle Performances only. Ash is surprised by the lack of Theme Performances and {{an|Clemont}} concludes that these rounds are intended to show off the [[Friendship|strong bond]] between Performers and their Pokémon, and since Performers have come this far, it must be assumed that they are beyond these early stages. Pierre continues explaining the tournament format, saying that Performers must perform with a single Pokémon in the first and second rounds, while the semifinals will feature Performers using two of their Pokémon. The winner of the semifinals will challenge Aria and, if successful, receive the prestigious title of Kalos Queen as well as a tiara.
[[File:XY112 Concetta VS Nini VS Jessilee.png|thumb|left|250px|Concetta, Nini, and Jessilee]]
[[File:XY112 Sara Lee VS Serena VS Miette.png|thumb|250px|Sara Lee, Serena, and Miette]]
Backstage, Serena has decided to use {{TP|Serena|Braixen}} in the first round as she knows she will be up against Miette. On stage, Pierre introduces the first group of competitors, consisting of Jessilee and her {{TP|Jessie|Gourgeist}}, Nini and her {{p|Smoochum}}, and [[Concetta]] and her {{p|Scraggy}}. He explains that the round starts with a solo performance from each pair and then all three pairs perform at once. Jessilee uses these rules to her advantage, covering her opponents in smoke during the simultaneous performance and drawing all the attention to herself and Gourgeist, a strategy which proves to be very effective as she becomes the most voted Performer of her group and advances to the second round. As a result of Jessilee's victory, Nini and Concetta are eliminated from the tournament and Nini cries over her loss.