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Plot: THIS synopsis definitely needs cleanup.
{{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} arrive in [[Fleurrh City]] where {{an|Serena}} must win her next {{pkmn|Showcase}} to have three {{DL|Pokémon Showcase|Princess Key}}s. While walking along the sidewalk, they see a crowd gathering to cheer on a girl named {{OBP|Amelia|XY109}}, as the heroes pass through Fleurrh City. Later, as they eat dinner, a worried Serena eats little of her food.
The next day, Serena is seen talking to Ash, {{an|Clemont}}, and {{an|Bonnie}}. She tells them that she is ready to perform. {{TP|Clemont|Bunnelby}} and {{TP|Clemont|Chespin}} wish good luck to {{TP|Serena|Sylveon}} which she thanks them for. Next, Serena enters the dressing room. Amelia arrogantly moves in front of Serena and says that she must go first. The scene flips to [[Palermo]] who arrives to the Showcase in her limousine. The man who escorts her asks if she can mentor Amelia, explaining that Amelia belongs to a very respected family in Fleurrh City. Palermo tells him that she will judge with her own eyes.
[[File:XY109 Concetta VS Serena VS Kazalie.png|thumb|left|250px|Concetta, Serena, and Kazalie]]
Ash, {{AP|Pikachu}}, Clemont, Bunnelby, Chespin, and Bonnie are in the audience for the event. [[Monsieur Pierre]] hosts the performance. He has his {{p|Klefki}} show the Princess Key to the audience. Monsieur Pierre explains to the audience that to win the first stage, the {{pkmn|Performer}} must attract the most {{p|Rhyhorn}}. Serena is in the first round. Her competitors are [[Concetta]] who uses her {{p|Scraggy}} and [[Kazalie]] with her {{p|Lilligant}}. The Rhyhorn are immediately attracted to Serena. Serena is cuddled around by Rhyhorn and some even start licking her. Kazalie has her Lilligant use {{m|Sweet Scent}} which attracts some Rhyhorn towards her. Serena sees a lone Rhyhorn outside of the herd. She runs towards to the lone Rhyhorn. She pets it on its head and she rides it back to where the rest of the Rhyhorn are. After the timer is finished, Monsieur Pierre declares Serena the winner.