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Pierre explains to the audience that the Theme Performance will be in the form of a Pokémon Quiz, declaring that a Performer needs to possess both beauty and intelligence. The Performers' Pokémon will race against each other to earn their Performers the right to answer questions asked of them, and the Performer who answers three questions correctly first will move on. Clemont is intrigued by this different style of Showcase while Ash remarks on its difficulty.
[[File:XY091 Serena VS Nini VS Lily.png|thumb|left|250px|Serena, Nini, and Lily]]
Serena, Nini, and {{kal|Lily}} are in the first group, where their Pokémon must retrieve a ball embedded in rock and bring the ball back first. The first question asks about Eevee's {{type|Fairy}} evolution. [[Serena's Pancham]], Nini's {{p|Farfetch'd}}, and Lily's {{p|Solrock}} race to the rocks and begin breaking them, with Pancham securing the ball first and running back, but fumbles while on the way. This gives Farfetch'd the opportunity to reach the finish line first, giving Nini the chance to answer first. Unfortunately, she incorrectly answers with {{p|Espeon}}, Eevee's {{type|Psychic}} evolution. As Pancham crossed the line second, Serena is next to answer, which she does so correctly with {{p|Sylveon}}. In the following questions, Serena obtains two more correct answers and Nini obtains one, which makes Serena the Performer to move on to the Freestyle Performance. Serena's friends praise her for doing so well. Despite losing, Nini wishes Serena luck, asking that she win the Showcase for both of them. Separately, [[Shauna's Ivysaur]] helps Shauna qualify by being the fastest to load a basket of {{Berries}}, allowing her to answer her final question correctly and move on. To {{MTR}}'s chagrin, he has to scale a sheer rock surface to grab a floating scroll for Jessie (as Jessaline) to qualify in her round. He begins to slow down, but after noticing a {{p|Sneasel}} overtake him, he reminds himself of having to face Jessie's fury if he fails, and pushes forward to beat Sneasel to the punch. Jessie answers her final question correctly, qualifying her to move on. In the audience, [[James]] and {{TP|Jessie|Wobbuffet}} cheer for her.