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On the road to [[Anistar City]], the group takes a break at a [[Pokémon Center]]. {{an|Serena}} decides to use this opportunity to train for the upcoming [[Pokémon Showcase]], discussing an updated version of her performance routine with {{TP|Serena|Braixen}} and {{TP|Serena|Pancham}}. {{TRT}} is nearby, with [[Jessie]] swearing victory over Serena to the doubt of [[James]] and {{MTR}}. Serena and her Pokémon begin practicing, but as Pancham uses its {{m|Stone Edge}}, Braixen trips up. The three realize to their shock that while Braixen wasn't injured, her branch was broken in the fall!
At Woodward's house, James and Serena plead with Woodward to mend Braixen's branch, citing his skill and the Sawsbuck he helped. Woodward declares that he can't, explaining that the only reason why Sawsbuck's horn could be fixed was due to Sawsbuck's willpower to heal. Serena retorts that likewise, she and her Pokémon are willing to see Braixen's branch mended. Woodward decides that the only way to test Braixen's will is to have a battle with his {{p|Gallade}}, which Serena accepts. The battle begins at Woodward's battlefield, with {{Ash}} and the others arriving after being directed there by Nurse Joy, and {{an|Clemont}} offers to referee.
[[File:XY085 Serena VS Woodward.png|thumb|left|250px|Serena facing Woodward]]
Woodward permits Braixen to make the first move, and Serena orders a {{m|Scratch}} which Gallade promptly dodges. {{an|Bonnie}} is surprised Serena didn't order {{m|Flamethrower}}, and Ash suggests that Braixen might have difficulty executing {{type|Fire}} moves without its branch. Seeing Pancham depressed, Ash reassures Pancham and cheers Serena on. Serena orders more Scratch attacks, but Gallade easily avoids them all. Woodward orders a {{m|Slash}}, which Braixen dodges in turn. Just then, {{AP|Pikachu}} barely manages to avoid an electric net thrown by Jessie, who makes her and Meowth's presence known. Being beckoned to by an annoyed Jessie, James sheds his disguise and regroups as Team Rocket recites their motto. Furious at the disruption, Serena sends her Pokémon to attack Team Rocket, with Pancham performing its Stone Edge combo with Braixen. Serena finally orders a Flamethrower; putting the broken ends of her branch together, Braixen releases her attack from the broken joint, disintegrating the branch in the process—but to the surprise of everyone present, the flames burst into a {{m|Fire Blast}}, which Ash and Clemont comment on. An additional {{m|Thunderbolt}} from Pikachu sends Team Rocket blasting off, with James begging Woodward to fix Braixen's branch now that it has proved itself, much to the confusion of Jessie and Meowth.