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<i>It’s time for Serena’s Pokémon Showcase debut in Coumarine City, and her friend and rival Shauna is also registered to compete! First up is the Theme Performance in Pokémon Styling, which is like a Pokémon fashion show. The performers are divided into groups, and only one from each group gets to move on to the next round.
[[File:XY060 Jessie VS Shauna VS Alouette.png|thumb|left|250px|Jessie, Shauna, and Alouette]]
Shauna and Jessie, along with a Performer named [[Alouette]], are the first three Performers to compete in the styling round. Alouette gives her {{p|Furfrou}} a Pharaoh trim, Shauna arranges a bouquet of flowers on her {{TP|Shauna|Bulbasaur}}'s bulb, and Jessie creates an enormous black costume for {{TP|Jessie|Pumpkaboo}} themed "Beautiful and the Beast" that is appreciated by no one in the audience save James and Meowth. The audience votes on their favorite Performer using their Glow Caster. Jessie receives no votes from the crowd except for James and Meowth, while Alouette and Shauna both receive a respectable number of them. Once the scores are tallied, Shauna is determined as the Performer to move on to the next round.
[[File:XY060 Serena VS Clarissa VS Blanche.png|thumb|250px|Serena, Clarissa, and Blanche]]
After several more competitions between Performers, it is finally Serena's turn. At first she is nervous, but when she and {{TP|Serena|Fennekin}} look at each other, she is reassured and remembers that Fennekin is with her the whole time. Getting ready to style Fennekin for the Showcase, Serena remembers how Ash [[XY040|had once told her]] that nothing he and {{AP|Pikachu}} do on their {{pkmn|journey}} is ever a waste of time. Thinking about this, Serena takes care to put all of her experiences into her performance with Fennekin. When it is finally time for the two of them to walk down the runway, things go well at first, and the audience has a positive reaction to Fennekin's outfit. However, when styling, Serena had failed to recognize that the long ribbon on Fennekin's neck might hinder its ability to walk, and Fennekin trips on the ribbon just as they are nearing the end of the runway, scattering the rest of its decorations everywhere. Devastated, Serena shares a hug with Fennekin before accepting defeat as she receives the fewest number of votes from the audience and is thus eliminated from the Showcase.