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Later, Ash and his friends are momentarily stunned by the beauty of Parfum Palace, but are interrupted by an incoming {{p|Furfrou}}. Preceded by maids, Princess Allie comes to the scene and not only blatantly refuses to return the flute, but also attempts to take Pikachu as a "family heirloom." When Ash refuses, she tempts him with jewels in exchange, but to no avail. In response, Princess Allie suggests that Pikachu and her Furfrou battle for the ownership of both the Poké Flute and Pikachu, and Ash reluctantly agrees.
[[File:XY018 Ash VS Allie.png|thumb|250px|Ash versus Princess Allie]]
Ash and Pikachu begin with {{m|Quick Attack}}, but Furfrou hits Pikachu instead. As Furfrou runs to attack Pikachu from behind, Ash tells him to use {{m|Iron Tail}}, but Furfrou counters with {{m|Bite}}. Princess Allie aims to end the battle with {{m|Charge Beam}}, but Pikachu repels it with {{m|Electro Ball}} and sends out a final {{m|Thunderbolt}}, which messes Furfrou's grooming. Princess Allie has Furfrou taken off the field to be newly groomed, leaving Ash confused as to the outcome of the battle. Princess Allie forfeits, not wanting her Furfrou to battle while not looking beautiful, and Clemont declares Ash the winner. However, when Ash asks about the flute, Princess Allie refuses to give it to him because of her loss, and reminds him that she didn't specify a win or a loss. Meanwhile, Bonnie and {{an|Serena}} nod to each other and run onto the battlefield, followed by Clemont, who promptly tells Princess Allie off, telling her her selfishness won't work in the real world. Princess Allie is attracted to Clemont's earnestness and even agrees to give back the Pokéflute, but on one condition: to leave Clemont with her. Serena and Bonnie whisper to each other before Bonnie tells the princess to go ahead, much to Clemont's alarm. Ash and his friends receive the Poké Flute, and Bonnie and Serena reassure Clemont that they will rescue him after Snorlax awakes, and they leave Clemont, who calls after them desperately.