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Seafoam Islands

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Differences among generations
==Differences among generations==
In [[Generation I|Generations I]], {{gen|III}}, and {{gen|IV}}, this is the home of {{p|Articuno}}.
In [[Generation]]s {{genII|Generations II}}]] and {{gen|IV}}, the destruction of [[Cinnabar Island]] causes [[Blaine]] to move [[Cinnabar Gym|his Gym]] to the Seafoam Islands.
In {{game|HeartGold and SoulSilver|s}}, while Blaine's Gym is still located in the east cave, Articuno can be found here as it was in [[Generation]]sGenerations {{gen|I}} and {{gen|III}}. As soon as the {{player}} walks into the east cave, there is a ladder that leads to an upper level where Blaine's Gym is located. There is also a set of stairs leading to a lower level in the islands just past the ladder. The Gym is much bigger than its Generation II counterpart as it sports a brand-new puzzle with junior Trainers. The interior of the island received a massive redesign as well. The cave section of Seafoam Islands uses the same music as Johto dungeons such as [[Ice Path]], as opposed to the music used in Kanto dungeons. Also, unlike previous generations, there are three Trainers within the islands; two {{tc|Boarder}}s and one {{tc|Skier}}.