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** {{TRT}} appears in every episode (they did not appear in [[EP001|the first episode]] in the {{series|original}}, they were absent in [[AG120]] in the {{series|Advanced Generation}}, and they have been absent in several episodes from the {{series2|Best Wishes}}, {{series2|XY}}, and {{series|Sun & Moon}}).
** Ash starts off with more than one of his Pokémon, arriving in Sinnoh with Pikachu and {{AP|Aipom}}, the latter of which stowed away.
** Ash meets all four of the primary region's Elite Four. {{tt|*|While Ash has met all four of the Kanto region's original Elite Four, he did not meet them all during the original series. Also, Ash did meet all of Alola's Elite Four members, but the Elite Four in Alola was not established at that time.}}
*** Ash has met all members of Kanto's original Elite Four, but did not do so during the original series.
*** He has also met all of Alola's Elite Four members, but none of them presented themselves as such due to the Alola League being a new establishment.
** There are more English opening themes than Japanese opening themes.
* This is the only completed series so far to have all of its intended episodes aired in the Japanese version. Every other completed series has had at least one episode that was never broadcast (while ''[[XY024|An Undersea Place to Call Home!]]'' of the ''XY'' series did not air when originally intended, it was aired later).