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Timeline of events in the anime

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| style="text-align:center" |''[[AG129|A Judgment Brawl]]''
* {{Ash}} continues his [[Full Battle]] with {{ho|Katie}} and wins, advancing to the {{wp|Single-elimination tournament|eighth-finals}} of the [[Ever Grande Conference]].
* [[Morrison]] and {{ho|Tyson}} also advance to the eighth-finals of the tournament.
* Ash begins his Full Battle with [[Morrison]].
|- style="background:#fff"
* [[Ash's Quilava]] is revealed to have learned {{m|Aerial Ace}}.
* [[Ash's Heracross]] is revealed to have learned {{m|Sleep Talk}} and {{m|Focus Punch}}.
* {{Ash}} wins his first round battle against Nando, knocking him out of the [[Lilyadvancing ofto the Valleysecond Conference]]round.
* {{an|Barry}}, [[Conway]], {{si|Tobias}}, and [[Paul]] also make it through the first round.
* Ash learns that {{si|Tobias|a mysterious Trainer}} has entered the tournament with a {{p|Darkrai}}.