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{{series|Diamond & Pearl}}
In ''[[DP179|The Eighth Wonder of the Sinnoh World!]]'', Pikachu battled [[Volkner]]'s {{p|Electivire}}. Pikachu's Electric attacks were rendered ineffective due to Electivire's {{a|Motor Drive}} Ability, which increased its speed. However, subsequent attacks from Electivire activated Pikachu's Static, slowing Electivire down and allowing Pikachu to dodge its retaliatory attacks. As Electivire went for an {{m|Ice Punch}}, Pikachu managed to outrun the Thunderbolt Pokémon and defeat it with Iron Tail. Pikachu was then recalled. He later went up against Volkern's {{p|Luxray}}. His Quick Attack was stopped by {{m|Shock Wave}}, knocking him back. Pikachu then launched three successful Iron Tails, but the fourth was countered by {{m|Thunder Fang}}, which overpowered Pikachu. He was then knocked out by Luxray's Shock Wave.
In the [[Lily of the Valley Conference]], Ash used Pikachu as his first Pokémon in his battle against Paul in ''[[DP186|Familiarity Breeds Strategy!]]''. He was used against Paul's {{p|Aggron}}. First he and Aggron clashed with Iron Tail and Metal Claw, proving to be equal in power. Aggron then countered with {{m|Metal Sound}}, hurting Pikachu's ears. Pikachu managed to stop Aggron with Thunderbolt and headed forwards using Volt Tackle. This attack, however,but was stopped by Aggron's {{m|Flash Cannon}}, dealing much damage. Pikachu was theneventually recalled in place of Infernape. [[DP187|Later]], Pikachu was used again in Ash's battle against Paul, this time facing Paul's {{p|Froslass}}. Froslass started off using {{m|Hail}}, activatingwhich activated her {{a|Snow Cloak}} Ability, thus making it hard for Pikachu to keep track of Froslass's movements. AsDespite Pikachu kept getting attacked by his opponent, he tried countering with Thunderbolt. The falling hail, however, protected Froslass from Thunderbolt, giving Froslass the chance to hit Pikachu hard with an {{m|Ice Shard}}. Pikachu then tried attacking with Volt Tackle, only to be easily dodged by the Snow Land Pokémon. As Froslass went for another Ice Shard to finish Pikachu offthis, Pikachu managed to avoid it by jumping and hit Froslass with a super-effective Iron Tail., Duewhich tocaused the largehail amount of damage Froslass had taken, the hailto disappeareddisappear. Froslass then went for anused Ice Beam, freezing Pikachu., Asbut Froslass was about to finish Pikachu off with Ice Shard, Pikachuhe managed to thaw outthe ice with Volt Tackle and knocked the Snow Land Pokémon out. This gave Pikachu his first win against one of Paul's Pokémon and also gave Ash the lead in the battle. He was then once again recalled. During [[DP188|the continuation of their battle]], Ash sent Pikachu out to battle Paul's Electivire. Electivire started off by using Thunder on the battle fieldEventually, launching rocks at Pikachu. Pikachu, however, managed to maneuver through the rocks with Quick Attack and strike Electivire with a direct hit on the head. Electivire, however, quickly recovered and grabbed Pikachu with its tails. As Pikachu tried using Iron Tail, Electivire smacked him to the ground. Using these movements however, Pikachu managed to escape from Electivire's grip. Pikachu and Electivire then clashed with Quick Attack and Brick Break, pushing both Pokémon back. Pikachu then went for Volt Tackle., but Electivire blocked the attack, activating its Motor Drive Ability in the process. It then went for a speedy Thunder Punch, but this was countered by Pikachu's Iron Tail. Both attacks, however, proved to be equal in power, making Pikachu unable to move. This gave Electivire the opportunity to use Brick Break with its other arm, knocking Pikachu out.
In ''[[DP189|The Semi-Final Frontier!]]'', Pikachu was the last Pokémon chosen by Ash to battle {{si|Tobias}} in the semi-finalssemifinals of the Lily of the Valley Conference. Despite Ash losing five of his Pokémon, Pikachu tried his best to defeat Tobias's {{p|Latios}}. In the beginning almost none of his attacks hit or did any damage to Latios and his attacks got easily overwhelmed by Latios's powerful attacks. However, Pikachu finally managed to jump on top of Latios and used Thunderbolt to severely damage Latios. Latios then used Light Screen, reducing the damage caused by Thunderbolt. Despite this Pikachu kept using Thunderbolt until he was shaken off. As Pikachu was about to land, Latios used {{m|Luster Purge}}. Pikachu used Volt Tackle and Iron Tail, taking against the force of the Luster Purge, causing a massive explosion. In the end, however, both he and Latios fainted. As Ash's last Pokémon had fainted, Tobias was crowned the winner of their battle, placing Ash in the Top 4 of the Lily of the Valley Conference.
In ''[[DP191|Memories are Made of Bliss!]]'', Pikachu helped search for {{TP|Dawn|Piplup}}, when he had runran away. Upon finding Piplup, both Pokémon broke down in tears, since they soon had to say goodbye to each other. Thensoon. Team Rocket appeared, but Pikachu and Piplup managed to blast them off with a Volt Tackle and Hydro Pump combination. Later, Pikachu said goodbye to Dawn and Piplup, before he, Ash, and Brock boarded thea ship headingheaded tofor [[Kanto]]. Upon arriving in Kanto, Pikachu and Ash finally bade farewell to Brock tooas well and the two continued on towards Pallet Town.
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