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{{g|Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon}}
:''"Maybe a nice vizzzit to the Pokémon Center will have us all feeling better in no time. I'll flag it on the map for you, too! Zzzrt!"''
;Route 1 [[Pokémon Center]]
* After Lillie explains the Pokémon Center and leaves
:''"So, the [[Trainers' School (Alola)|Trainers' School]] izzz... Oh yeah! It'zzz right next to the Pokémon Center!"''
* After Lillie and Gladion head to the docks
: ''"Oh my zzzzzrt! That's quite a change!"''
::'''You mean Lillie?''': ''"That'zzz right! She looks full of energy, and it's not just becauzzze of the change in clothes!"''
::'''You mean Hau?''': ''"That'zzz right! He's getting a little bit of that... vibe Kahuna Hala hazzz!"''
:''"Everyone is waiting where boatzzz come in! Let's get out of this place!"''
;[[Seafolk Village]]
* Upon arriving
:''"Here we are! [[Poni Island]] izzz ours to explore! Wonder what kindzzz of new Pokémon we'll find to fill up a whole new {{color|F00|Island Pokédex}}, zzt!"''
:''"Check it out, <player>! It'zzz a village floating on the sea!"''
* After [[Mina]] tells the player to talk to Hapu
:''"Keep on stomping around Poni Island, partner! Let'zzz see if we can find Hapu!"''
;[[Poni Wilds]]
* After talking to Lillie
:''"Zzzzzt! Poni Island seems much more...wild than other islands! I'm not sure if I fit in here..."''
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