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In ''[[SM042|Alola, Kanto!]]'', Team Rocket was revealed to have flown to Kanto as per orders from the headquarters. At the airport, the trio noticed Misty and Brock meet up with Ash and his classmates, and after eavesdropping on the group's conversation, decided to steal Pokémon off of [[Professor Oak's Laboratory]] and present them to Giovanni. However, their attempt to steal the group's Pokémon was thwarted, and they were carried back to Alola by Bewear in ''[[SM043|When Regions Collide!]]''.
In [[SM129]], Jessie entered the [[Manalo Conference]] alongside James. Disguised as (Japanese: '''ムサジーナ''' ''Musasina''), Jessie was among the 151 Trainers taking part in the [[Battle Royal]] preliminary round. Despite intending to keep herself hidden and avoid elimination until the battle was over, Mimikyu kept running around the battlefield, attacking any Pikachu it could find. By the end, Jessie was one of the 16 Trainers still standing at the end of the round. The match-ups for the next round revealed that she would be battling James.