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Added the PWT exclusive Type Experts
* [[Viola]] of the [[Santalune Gym]]
* Team Skull Boss [[Guzma]]
* [[Type Expert Tournament/Bug#Walter|Walter]]
* [[Yoshimoto]] of the [[Chrysalia]] Kingdom
* {{tc|Bug Catcher}}s
* [[Zinnia]]
* [[Ryuki]]
* [[Type Expert Tournament/Dragon#Drakon|Drakon]]
* [[Rod]] of the [[Pokémon Dome]]
* [[Nobunaga]] of the [[Dragnor]] Kingdom
* [[Acerola]] of the [[Thrifty Megamart (Abandoned Site)]] and the {{DL|Elite Four|Alola Elite Four}}
* [[Allister]] of the [[Galar]] region
* [[Type Expert Tournament/Ghost#Ferly|Ferly]]
* [[Nō]] of the [[Spectra]] Kingdom
* {{OBP|Captain|EP095}}, [[Orange League]] {{pkmn|Champion}}
* [[Clay]] of the [[Driftveil Gym]]
* [[Hapu]] of [[Poni Island]]
* [[Type Expert Tournament/Ground#Homer|Homer]]
* [[Shingen]] of the [[Terrera]] Kingdom
* [[Team Magma]] members
* [[Roxie]] of the [[Virbank Gym]]
* Team Skull Admin [[Plumeria]]
* [[Type Expert Tournament/Poison#Castor|Castor]]
* {{FB|Club Master|Rick}} of the [[Science Club]]
* [[Nene]] of the [[Viperia]] Kingdom
* [[Dexio]]
* [[Aether Foundation|Aether]] Branch Chief [[Faba]]
* [[Type Expert Tournament/Psychic#Delphine|Delphine]]
* [[Murray]] of the [[Psychic Club]]
* [[Kenshin]] of the [[Illusio]] Kingdom
* [[Molayne]] of [[Ula'ula Island]]{{sup/7|SM}} and the {{DL|Elite Four|Alola Elite Four}}{{sup/7|USUM}}
* [[Riley]]{{tt|*|Anime only}}
* [[Type Expert Tournament/Steel#Margaret|Margaret]]
* {{tc|Ruin Maniac}}s{{sup/4|DPPt}}{{sup/4|HGSS}}