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In the anime
In ''[[SM056|Let Sleeping Pokémon Lie!]]'', Samson told Ash and his classmates of how he met Komala. Later, he, along with Professor Kukui, {{ash}}, and {{ashcl}}, helped Komala learn {{m|Sing}}, thus putting a stop to {{an|Jigglypuff}}'s routine tantrums after noticing its audience sleeping through its songs.
In [[SM128]], Samson surprised Ash and his classmates when he informed them that he would be entering the [[Manalo Conference]]. In [[SM129]], Samson was among the 151 Trainers taking part in in the [[Battle Royal]] preliminary round of the Manalo Conference. He entered with Komala and was ultimately among the 16 Trainers remaining at the end. The match-ups revealed that he would be battling [[Hau]] in the first round.
In [[SM130]], Samson battled Hau in the first round of the Manalo Conference. He used his {{alo|Exeggutor}} against Hau's Alolan {{p|Raichu}}, but it was defeated, thus eliminating Samson from the tournament.
In ''[[SM013|Racing to a Big Event!]]'', it participated in the [[Pokémon Pancake Race]] with its {{pkmn|Trainer}} and won. In ''[[SM056|Let Sleeping Pokémon Lie!]]'', because of its constant sleeping, it was able to avoid {{an|Jigglypuff}}'s scribbling after its routine song, causing it to become furious. Samson, [[Professor Kukui]], {{ash}}, and {{ashcl}} were able to stop Jigglypuff by teaching Komala {{m|Sing}} and turning the situation around on it.
In [[SM129]], Samson used Komala during the [[Battle Royal]] preliminary round of the [[Manalo Conference]]. Komala was among the 16 Pokémon still fighting at the end, securing its Trainer a place in the nextfirst round of the actual tournament.
Komala's known moves are {{m|Wood Hammer}}, {{m|Rapid Spin}}, and {{m|Sing}}, and its Ability is {{a|Comatose}}.}}