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not the same character. the one who hopes Mallow and the player stays friends also gives a Dragon Fang. both the Dragon Fang Cook and Ulu are shown on the same floor in the MUM sidequest.
Lickitung physically debuted in ''[[SM072|Sours for the Sweet!]]''. Ulu used it to help sort the sour [[Grepa Berry|Grepa Berries]] from the sweet ones for use in the [[Alola Bread Festival]]. Alongside {{an|Mallow}} and her {{TP|Mallow|Steenee}}, they entered the Festival‎‎ and won it. Later, it left with its Trainer to continue their journey.
It willlater reappearreappeared in [[SM130]], in which it rushed with Ulu to the Manalo Stadium to watch Mallow's battle against Lana.
None of Lickitung's moves are known.}}
==In the games==
In the {{pkmn|games}}, Mallow's brother is left unnamed. He is a chef who works at the restaurant in [[Konikoni City]]. In [[Pokémon Sun and Moon|Pokémon Moon]], after defeating [[Olivia]], the {{player}} can visit Mallow in her room on the second floor of the restaurant. Mallow asks the player to meet them in [[Lush Jungle]] for a {{pkmn|battle}} and leaves. However, before the player can follow her, they are asked by Mallow's brother to look for his {{p|Wimpod}}, who was gathering ingredients for the restaurant in Lush Jungle. After defeating Mallow, she finds her brother's Wimpod, and the player and her return to the restaurant. In [[Pokémon Sun and Moon|Pokémon Sun]], this sidequest cannot be activated, but Mallow's brother can be found on the second floor of the restaurant, where he states that he hopes Mallow and the player will stay friends.
| {{ActivePoké|Mallow's brother|Wimpod|767Wimpod.png|Bug|Water|size=100px|link=no}}
====Moon and Ultra Moon====
;[[Konikoni City]]
:''"Mallow! Can you give me a hand?"''
:''"Huh? Where's Mallow?"''
:'''Regardless of choice:'''
::''"At this hour? That's not like her... but now I'm in a jam. I was going to ask her to go do some shopping for me."''
::''"If you see her, can you tell her something for me? Tell her to bring my Wimpod with her when she comes home."''
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