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After a brief search for {{p|Blacephalon}}{{sup/7|US}}/{{p|Stakataka}}{{sup/7|UM}}, the player takes a break at their house. [[Sophocles]] suddenly comes in, saying someone took over the [[Festival Plaza]], and both he and the player immediately teleport there.
Upon arriving, the player discovers the castle is now sporting a more sinister design adorned with screens, each displaying a letter "R" on a rainbow-colored background. [[Sophocles]] explains someone must have hacked Festival Plaza, and both he and the player rush into the castle only to see a group of {{tc|Team Rainbow Rocket Grunt}}s, one of them proclaiming the castle now belongs to them. Sophocles digs into the Festival Plaza's configuration and realizes it has been patched so that nobody can use their Pokémon while inside. While [[Sophocles]] wonders how they will deal with the intruders, one of the grunts inadvertently tips off the player they could battle them using other people's Pokémon in the [[Battle Agency]], which Sophocles manages to activate despite his admin account having been downgraded by the hackers. While the player battles a Team Rainbow Rocket Grunt in the Battle Agency, Sophocles manages to hack into the Festival Plaza's programming and restore his admin privileges. Upon coming back, the grunts surround both Sophocles and the player, one of them even attempting to physically assault the player, but Sophocles manages to ban them from the Plaza, teleporting them out instantly. The castle keeps its new design, however.
Upon their return to the real world, Sophocles thanks the player and leaves. The player's [[Mom (Alola)|mother]] then shows her {{p|Meowth}}'s new trick: it learned how to turn on the TV by observing her. That's when the player watches an interview of [[Lusamine]] at [[Aether Paradise]].