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Move priority is not affected by the effects of {{m|Trick Room}}, which only reverses the Speed-resolved order of moves within a priority bracket; moves with higher priority are still performed before ones with lower priority. Some [[held item]]s and {{Abilities}} also affect a move's resolution within its priority bracket (ignoring even Trick Room), but not the priority itself. The items [[Full Incense]] and [[Lagging Tail]] and the Ability {{a|Stall}} cause the affected Pokémon to go last in its priority bracket, while the items [[Quick Claw]] and [[Custap Berry]] cause the user to go first in its priority bracket.
Certain actions always occur before any moves can be performed (with the possible exception of Pursuit). The messages for the activation of {{DL|In-battle effect item|Quick Claw}}, [[Custap Berry]], and [[O-Power]]s are always shown before anything else. [[Recall|Switching out]], [[Rotation Battle|rotating]], using [[item]]s, [[Escape|escaping]], and the charging messages of {{m|Focus Punch}}, {{m|Beak Blast}} and {{m|Shell Trap}} are displayed or performed next. In [[Generation III]] only, players always switch before NPCs do, and in Generation III competitive battles, "player 1" always switches before "player 2" does. [[Mega Evolution]] generally occurs after any switching has occurred. If a Pokémon is Mega Evolving or rotating and using Pursuit on a Pokémon that is switching out, however, the Mega Evolution or rotation always happens before the Pokémon uses Pursuit (and therefore before the other Pokémon's switch).
{{m|Pursuit}} is a special exception to the general rule of priority, due to its effect. [[Recall|Switching]] fundamentally happens before any moves can be performed, but when Pursuit is targeting a Pokémon that switches out, it will hit the Pokémon before it can switch, meaning that it will go before any other move, no matter its priority. If multiple Pursuits are targeting the same Pokémon and the Pokémon switches out, if the Pokémon [[fainting|faints]] before all of the Pursuits have executed, the remaining Pursuits will execute at their normal priority.