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|vajp=Hitomi Nabatame
|vaen=Haven Paschall
|desc={{p|Slurpuff}} is one of Miette's Pokémon. She first appeared stealing {{an|Serena}}'s {{DL|Pokémon-Amie|Poké Puffs}} from the group with her Psychic move. According to Miette, Slurpuff thought Serena's Poké Puffs were of moderate quality. Afterwards she helped Miette in the preliminary round of the [[Poké Puff Contest]], and it was later announced they proceeded to the final round. Later, when {{Ash}}, {{ashfr}} and Miette went to a nearby forest to find Berries, Slurpuff picked up a scent, and the group quickly followed ither. On top of a cliff the group found a large amount of fresh Berries. Right at that moment, the {{p|Swirlix}} from earlier returned, now seemingly scared of something. It turned out they were being chased by {{TRT}}. Slurpuff then helped defeat Team Rocket. The next day, she helped Miette in the final round of the Poké Puff Contest but they didn't win.
Slurpuff appeared again in ''[[XY080|Performing with Fiery Charm!]]'' where she was performing along with Meowstic in the second round.