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In the manga
In ''[[SM056|Let Sleeping Pokémon Lie!]]'', Samson told Ash and his classmates of how he met Komala. Later, he, along with Professor Kukui, {{ash}}, and {{ashcl}}, helped Komala learn {{m|Sing}}, thus putting a stop to {{an|Jigglypuff}}'s routine tantrums after noticing its audience sleeping through its songs.
In [[SM128]], Samson surprised Ash and his classmates when he informed them that he would be entering the [[Manalo Conference]]. In [[SM129]], Samson was among the 151 Trainers taking part in in the [[Battle Royal]] preliminary round of the Manalo Conference. He entered with Komala and was ultimately among the 16 Trainers remaining at the end. The match-ups revealed that he would be battling [[Hau]] in the first round.
In [[SM129SM130]], Samson wasbattled among the 151 Trainers taking part inHau in the [[Battle Royal]]first round of the Manalo Conference. He enteredused withhis Komala{{alo|Exeggutor}} andagainst wasHau's ultimatelyAlolan among{{p|Raichu}}, thebut 16it Trainerswas remainingdefeated, atthus theeliminating end.Samson Thefrom match-upsthe revealed that he would be battling [[Hau]]tournament.
In [[SM130]], Samson battled Hau in the first round of the Manalo Conference, using his {{alo|Exeggutor}} against Hau's Alolan {{p|Raichu}}, but was defeated.
|vaen=Michael Liscio Jr.
|desc=In ''[[SM002|The Guardian's Challenge!]]'', Samson Oak's {{p|Komala}} first appeared sleeping atop of a tree at the [[Pokémon School]]. It's is usually seen ringing the {{p|Bronzong}}-themed bell at the School. Starting in ''[[SM061|A Mission of Ultra Urgency!]]'', Komala rings the bell frantically when the [[Ultra Guardians]] are needed.
Samson Oak and Komala met when Oakthe former was taking a leisurely stroll. He came across Komala who was blocking the road for a few farmers and travelers because it had lost its log. OakSamson wanted to give Komala a pineapple to replace its log but instead it clung to OakSamson's face. From then on, Komala held on to OakSamson at all times, even when he carved a new log for it. One day, as OakSamson prepared to ring the bell of the Pokémon School, Komala took over and clung to the log used to ring the bell. OakSamson decided to keep it and Komala would continue to ring the bell every day on time.
In ''[[SM013|Racing to a Big Event!]]'', it participated in the [[Pokémon Pancake Race]] with its {{pkmn|Trainer}} and won. In ''[[SM056|Let Sleeping Pokémon Lie!]]'', because of its constant sleeping, it was able to avoid {{an|Jigglypuff}}'s scribbling after its routine song, causing it to become furious. Samson, [[Professor Kukui]], {{ash}}, and {{ashcl}} were able to stop Jigglypuff by teaching Komala {{m|Sing}} and turning the situation around on it.
In [[SM129]], Samson Oak used Komala during the [[Battle Royal]] preliminary round of the [[Manalo Conference]]. Komala was among the 16 Pokémon still fighting at the end, securing its Trainer a place in the nextfirst round of the actual tournament.
Komala's known moves are {{m|Wood Hammer}}, {{m|Rapid Spin}}, and {{m|Sing}}, and its Ability is {{a|Comatose}}.}}
|desc=Samson Oak was revealed to have an {{alo|Exeggutor}} in [[SM130]]. He used it in his [[Manalo Conference]] battle against [[Hau]] and his Alolan {{p|Raichu}}, but it was defeated.
Exeggutor's only known move is {{m|Dragon Hammer}}.}}
===In the Pokémon Adventures manga===
Samson Oak debuted in ''[[PASM04|The Decision and the Tournament of Six]]''. He served as a judge at a tournament held at an [[Iki Town]] festival. During {{adv|Moon}}'s battle against [[Gladion]], Moon was confused as to why Gladion wouldn't have his {{p|Porygon}} attack her newly-caught Alolan {{p|Grimer}} with {{m|Psybeam}}. Samson stepped in to tell Moon, who had only just recently arrived in [[Alola]], about how [[regional variant]]s can also have different [[type]]s as well as appearances.
In [[PASM29]], [[Sina]] and [[Dexio]] took Samson to the Aether Base on {{rt|16|Alola}}. They introduced him to the Reassembly Unit, which they planned on using to control {{adv|Zygarde}}'s {{DL|List of Pokémon with form differences|Zygarde|forms}}. Later, Samson, Sina, Dexio, and [[Lillie]] set off to [[Mount Lanakila]] to investigate an [[Ultra Wormhole]] that appeared above the area. Before they could leave, a large swarm of Zygarde Cells and a Core converged into the Reassembly Unit and emerged as a Complete Forme Zygarde. Shortly afterward, {{adv|Sun}} emerged from the wormhole and was rescued by Zygarde. Samson and the others traveled to Mount Lanakila, where they found an injured [[Nebby|Lunala]] and [[Lusamine]]. After Lillie helped free her mother from the {{p|Nihilego}} she was fused with, Lusamine fainted. Sun tried getting Zygarde to take Lusamine to a hospital, only to notice that {{p|Necrozma}} had arrived.