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Quick Attack (move)

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In the main series
{{movep|type=normal|ms=807|pkmn=Zeraora|method=Zeraora's body becomes outlined in light blue aura and it charges at the opponent with incredible speed.}}
{{movemid|type=normal|user=Dia (Alola)|user1=Dia's Zeraora|startcode=SM100|startname=Battling the Beast Within!}}
{{movep|type=normal|ms=026A|pkmn=Raichu|method=Alolan Raichu's body flickersbecomes as it disapears and reappears, before its body is surroundedoutlined in a light blue aura and fliesit charges at the opponent at awith highincredible speed.}}
{{movebtm|type=normal|user=Hau|user1=Hau's Raichu|startcode=SM130|startname=SM130}}