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Ulu physically debuted in ''[[SM072|Sours for the Sweet!]]'', in order to participate in the [[Alola Bread Festival]]. [[Abe]] had injured his back when he arrived, so Ulu assisted Mallow in helping [[Aina's Kitchen]] take part in the festival. He met {{Ash}} and {{an|Lillie}}. He had a crush on [[Nina]], only to be indirectly rejected when he realized she had a fiancé. He eventually left to continue his journey.
In [[SM128]], Ulu was providing catering at the [[Manalo Conference]] when he reunited with Mallow. Upon learning that Mallow was going to compete in the [[Alola League]], Ulu promised to close his shop and cheer her on whenever she battles. He will reappear in [[SM130]]<!-- to watch Mallow's battle against {{an|Lana}}-->.
In [[SM130]], Ulu was shown rushing to the stadium in order to watch Mallow's battle against {{an|Lana}}.