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In ''[[AG002|A Ruin with a View]]'', {{an|May}} was introduced to [[Oldale Town]]'s Nurse Joy and learned about the Pokémon Center. Nurse Joy allowed [[Professor Alden]] to use one the Center's rooms as an office for his ongoing research. Nurse Joy, May, and Ash were later locked in a storage room by [[Team Magma]] but escaped through the vents.
Nurse Joy first appeared as one of the [[Contest Judge]]s during the [[Rustboro City]] {{pkmn|Contest}}[[Pokémon featuredContest]] in ''[[AG013|All Things Bright and Beautifly!]]''. The local Nurse Joy fulfill these roles across other [[Hoenn]] Contest events, as well as those in [[Kanto]] and [[Sinnoh]]. Three Nurse Joys as opposed to one joined [[Raoul Contesta]] and [[Mr. Sukizo]] to help judge the [[Hoenn Grand Festival]].
In ''[[AG034|Having a Wailord of a Time]]'', the Nurse Joy of [[Slateport City]] was in charge of handing out the Hoenn starter Pokémon to new Trainers like {{OBP|Stephanie|AG034}} and [[Stephanie's father|her father]]. She healed a wild {{p|Wailord}} while Ash and Max watched over the three starter Pokémon. Unfortunately, the {{p|Torchic}} evolved, leaving only {{p|Mudkip}} and {{p|Treecko}} for the new Trainers. As a result, Nurse Joy decided to keep the newly evolved {{p|Combusken}} to help guard the Pokémon Center.
[[Potpourri Island]]'s Nurse Joy runs the Pokémon Orienteering Festival seen in ''[[AG159|Off the Unbeaten Path]]''. Ash and his friends, along with Team Rocket, all competed in a chance to win the Teamwork Medal and a supply of Potpourri Island fruit. Nurse Joy eventually declared [[James]] the winner and later alerted May to the nearby [[Wisteria Town]] Contest.
In ''[[AG186|Overjoyed!]]'', Scott introduced Ash and his friends to [[Fennel Valley]]'s Nurse Joy, who was a big fan of battles and contestsPokémon Contests. Nurse Joy, a former Pokémon Trainer, offered Ash a practice battle to prepare him against {{FB|Pyramid King|Brandon}}, which he accepts. Her Chansey battled {{AP|Corphish}} and won with a close-range {{m|Solar Beam}}. This Nurse Joy appeared from ''Overjoyed!'' to ''[[AG190|Pace - The Final Frontier!]]''.
====={{series|Diamond & Pearl}}=====
In ''[[DP167|Teaching the Student Teacher!]]'', the Nurse Joy who runs the [[Neighborly Town]] Pokémon Center was busy taking care of too many Pokémon. For this reason, she would not be able to attend the town's Pokémon Contest and so [[Johanna]] agreed to fill in for her.
In ''[[DP174|Last Call — First Round!]]'', three Nurse Joy judged the [[Appeal|Performance Stage]] of the [[Sinnoh Grand Festival]], with the Nurse Joy from [[Jubilife City]] judging the Red Stage along with [[Top Coordinator]] [[Fantina]], the Nurse Joy from [[Pastoria City]] judging the Green Stage along with [[Mr. Sukizo]], and the Nurse Joy from [[Lilycove City]] judging the Blue Stage along with [[Raoul Contesta]]. After the Performance Stage was over, the only Nurse Joy who judged the [[Contest Battle|Battle Stage]] was the one from Lilycove City.
====={{series|Best Wishes}}=====
Although there are many exceptions, Nurse Joy will generally have {{TP|Nurse Joy|Chansey}} in [[Kanto]], the [[Orange Archipelago]], [[Johto]], [[Hoenn]], and [[Sinnoh]], {{TP|Nurse Joy|Audino}} in [[Unova]] and the [[Decolore Islands]], {{TP|Nurse Joy|Wigglytuff}} in [[Kalos]], and {{TP|Nurse Joy|Blissey}} and {{TP|Nurse Joy|Comfey}} in [[Alola]] to assist her.
Nurse Joys give out [[starter Pokémon]] to beginning Trainers in towns or cities without [[Pokémon Professor]]s, such as [[Slateport City]]. Adhering to their role as government workers, they may also work as inspectors for the [[Pokémon Inspection Agency]], grading Pokémon Gyms. Nurse Joys living in locations with [[Contest Hall]]s will also be a part of the [[Contest Judge|panel of judges]] for [[Pokémon Contest]]s and [[Grand Festival]] tournaments. When reviewing a Pokémon's [[Appeal|performance]] or [[Contest Battle|battle]], Nurse Joys will often comment on the Pokémon's health and sync with the {{pkmn|Coordinator}}. Unlike fellow judges [[Raoul Contesta|Mr. Contesta]] and [[Mr. Sukizo]], who only judge competitions sanctioned by the [[Pokémon Activities Committee]], Nurse Joy has been seen judging informal Pokémon Contests in ''[[AG191|Once More With Reeling!]]'' and ''[[DP022|Borrowing on Bad Faith!]]''.