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Hiya, wassup? I used to have a Pokemon Diamond but it was messed up by the action replay....;-([[Image:001.png]] I LOVE Bulbasaur! Here is my LeafGreen team![[Image:003.png]] [[Image:042.png]][[Image:026.png]][[Image:076.png]][[Image:018.png]] Emerald team:[[Image:254.png]][[Image:262.png]][[Image:286.png]] [[Image:282.png]][[Image:277.png]] Cyrstal Team:[[Image:160.png]] [[Image:001.png]] [[Image:169.png]] [[Image:143.png]] [[Image:172.png]] [[Image:062.png]]
My Diamond team: [[Image:001.png]][[Image:475.png]][[Image:Spr_4d_483_s.png]][[Image:445.png]][[Image:442.png]][[Image:486.png]]
Ok I'm a male.[[Image:Koki.png]] This user have helped Ruby and Sapphire reunite![[Image:BrendanE.png]]♥[[Image:May.png]]This user has made a baby Ralts! [[Image:475.png]]♥[[Image:282.png]]=[[Image:280.png]]This user says KND stinks! This user's favorite manga characters are Red, Ruby, and Diamond NOT Gold[[Image:Gold.gif]][[Image:RedFRRed.png]][[Image:Brendan.png]][[Image:Koki.png]] This user reads books[[Image:Manga_stub.png]] This user has an AWESOME Dad! [[Image:SpriteNorman.png]] This user has a mom who loves beauty [[Image:SpriteMerissa.png]] This user has a sister [[Image:Hikari.png]]This user has a rival [[Image:Jun.png]] This user uses Windows XP [[Image:474.png]]This user has a a giant backpack [[Image:Project_ItemDex_logo.png]] This user watches the the Pokémon series [[Image:DiamondandPearl.png]] [[Image:OriginalSeries.png]][[Image:AdvancedGeneration.png]]
My sister has a Manaphy from Sem. 29 2007 [[Image:490.png]]
Actually I caught it! Then I gave it to her, she liked Manaphy, like May [[Image:May.png]]