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Dragon (type)

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* [[Generation V]] introduced the most Dragon-type Pokémon of any generation, with 10, and [[Generation II]] introduced the fewest Dragon-type Pokémon, with only {{p|Kingdra|one}}.
* [[Generation IV]] introduced the most Dragon-type moves of any generation, with five, while [[Generation VI]] introduced the fewest, with zeroonly {{m|Dragon Rage|one}}. However, in Generation I:
** TheThere Dragonwas typeno isway theto onlydo super-effective Dragon-type fordamage, whichsince aDragon moveRage wasalways notdeals introduced40 in [[Generation VI]]. This is also the only instanceHP of any generation not introducing a move for a type after that type's introductiondamage.
** There arewas onlyno seventeenway to get {{STAB}} from a Dragon-type moves,move thein fewestGeneration of any typeI.
** TheNo type resisted or was immune to the Dragon type, alsomaking hasit the fewestonly numbertype ofto nonhave ever had this distinction. However, there were no Dragon-damagingtype moves outthat ofutilized allthe of[[Pokémon_Red_and_Green_beta#Super_Effective_Dragon_type|standard thedamage formula]] in Generation typesI, withmaking onlythis {{m|Dragona Dance|one}}moot point.
* InThe GenerationDragon I, there was no way to do super-effective Dragon-type damage,also sincehas the then-onlyfewest Dragon-type attack, {{m|Dragon Rage}}, always deals 40 HPnumber of damage.:
** AlsoMoves, forwith the same reason, there was no way to get {{STAB}} from a Dragon-type move in Generation Ieighteen.
** InNon-damaging Generationmoves I,out noof typeall resisted or was immune toof the Dragon typetypes, making it thewith only type to have ever had this distinction. However, there were no {{m|Dragon-type moves that utilized the [[Pokémon_Red_and_Green_beta#Super_Effective_Dragon_typeDance|standard damage formula]] in Generation I, making this a moot pointone}}.
* It has never been possible for any Pokémon to have either a double weakness or a double resistance to Dragon.
* [[Sinnoh]] is the only region without a notable Dragon-type [[Type expert|specialist]].
* In [[Generation III]], all Dragon-type moves were {{OBP|Cool|condition}} moves.
* Dragon is the most common type to serve as [[version mascot]], with seven Dragon-type Pokémon having served as mascots for eight games of the core series.
* The Dragon type is the only type for which a move was not introduced in [[Generation VI]]. This is also the only instance of any generation not introducing a move for a type after that type's introduction.
* Dragon-type moves have the most [[held item]]s that boost their power: [[Draco Plate]], [[Dragon Fang]], [[Dragon Gem]], all three [[timespace orbs]], and the [[Soul Dew]] (as of Generation VII).
* The Dragon type resists all three of the traditional primary types of core series [[starter Pokémon]]: {{t|Grass}}, {{t|Fire}}, and {{t|Water}}. In addition, it resists {{t|Electric}}, which was the type of the player's {{OBP|Red's Pikachu|game|starter}} in {{game|Yellow}}.