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Underground Ruins

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The [[Legendary titans]]—{{p|Regirock}}, {{p|Regice}}, and {{p|Registeel}}—can all be found here, depending on which [[Key System|Key]] is active. Originally, the rooms of the ruins only provide hints on to how to open Regirock's chamber (which hint is available depends on if "the sun" or "the moon" is out), but fulfilling the conditions will change the great door into the entrance of Regirock's chamber and all other chambers activated by Keys.
{{p|Regirock}} can be found in the '''Rock Peak Chamber''' (Japanese: '''{{tt|岩山の間|いわやまのま}}''' ''Rock Mountain Room''), which is opened when the {{player}} presses the A-button after walking 6 steps down and then 9 steps right, from the center of the panel just before the great door. {{p|Registeel}} requires the Iron Key to unlock the '''Iron Chamber''' (Japanese: '''{{tt|鉄の間|くろがねのま}}''' ''Iron Room''), while {{p|Regice}} requires the Iceberg Key to unlock the '''Iceberg Chamber''' (Japanese: '''{{tt|氷山の間|ひゅざんのま}}''' ''Iceberg Room''). The Iron Key can only be found in Black 2 and the Iceberg Key can only be found in White 2; the key that cannot be found in one version can be sent through [[Unova Link]] from another game. A key can be used by selecting Unova Link followed by Key System after the title screen.
If the player has all three Legendary titans in their party, {{p|Regigigas}} can be awakened in [[Twist Mountain]]. It is not, however, necessary to use a trio caught in the Underground Ruins.