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The '''Pokémon World Tournament''' (Japanese: '''ポケモンワールドトーナメント''' ''Pokémon World Tournament''), also known as the '''PWT''', is a [[Battle facility|facility]] in [[Unova]] in {{2v2|Black|White|2}}.
It is located to the south of [[Driftveil City]], where the [[Cold Storage]] used to be in {{game|Black and White|s}}. It is also connected to the [[Relic Passage]] and contains a harbor where one ship is perpetually docked. Prominent Trainers{{pkmn|Trainer}}s from previous games gather here to participate in battles{{pkmn|battle}}s in an eight-person {{wp|single-elimination tournament}}. Single Battles, [[Double Battle]]s, [[Triple Battle]]s, and [[Rotation Battle]]s are held here. Special Trainers can be downloaded via [[Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection]]. It also contains the [[Move Reminder]], [[Move Deleter]], and several [[Move Tutor]]s.
It was built by [[Clay]] to encourage development in Driftveil City. Tournaments are occasionally shown on [[television]].
{{main|Driftveil Tournament}}
Unlocked when the Pokémon World Tournament is first visited, this tournament has many Trainers, with eighteen different competitors. All Pokémon are able to battle in this tournament. The first time it is entered, only [[Hugh]], [[Cheren]], and [[Colress]] can be battled, exclusively using level 25 Pokémon. The {{player}}, however, may battle with Pokémon of higher levels without being reduced. All entries from the second onwardsonward have different Trainers, with the additional restriction of all Pokémon being reduced to level 25.