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* Unused location data for Johto (similar to the data for [[Hoenn]] and [[Kanto]] used for Pal Park) exists within the programming of Generation IV's games. Pokémon actually caught in Johto, however, display as being from "[[faraway place]]" when traded to a game taking place in [[Sinnoh]], much like Pokémon caught in a Platinum-exclusive location do when traded to Diamond or Pearl.
* Kanto and Johto are the only regions that are connected to each other by land.
* Johto is the only main region in which all the [[starter Pokémon]], throughout their evolutions, stay one [[type]] ({{t|Grass}}, {{t|Fire}}, and Water).
* In the anime, Johto is the only region so far in which:
** [[Ash Ketchum|Ash]] did not meet a new {{ashfr|traveling companion}}.