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Arena Trap (Ability)

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In battle
===In battle===
Arena Trap prevents all [[grounded]] adjacent opponents from [[Escape|fleeing]] (including {{m|Teleport}}) or [[Recall|switching out]] as long as the user remains in battle. However, if a Pokémon with Arena Trap switches in, opponents that decided to switch out at the beginning of that turn but have not yet moved will still switch out.
Using {{m|Baton Pass}}, {{m|U-turn}}, {{m|Volt Switch}}, or {{m|Parting Shot}} will still cause the Pokémon to switch out. Holding a [[Shed Shell]] allows the Pokémon to switch out, but not flee or Teleport. Having the Ability {{a|Run Away}} or holding a [[Smoke Ball]] allows the Pokémon to flee or Teleport, but not switch.