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Dana (SM041)

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In ''[[SM106|Evolving Research!]]'', Dana and his brothers traveled to [[Vast Poni Canyon]] so Horacio could [[Evolution|evolve]] his Charjabug. They met {{Ash}}, {{an|Kiawe}}, and {{an|Sophocles}}, who were planning to evolve Sophocles's own Charjabug. Horacio accepted Sophocles's challenge to see who could evolve their Charjabug first, under the condition that they do so unassisted. As a result, Dana waited outside a cave alongside Yansu, Ash, Kiawe, and [[Hapu]] while Horacio and Sophocles tried to get the "Bug Stone" that was said to make Charjabug evolve. Dana later watched as Sophocles returned victorious with his {{p|Vikavolt}}.
In ''[[SM119|A High-Speed Awakening!]]'', Yansu and Dana watched Horacio as he participated the [[Vikavolt race]], but lost.