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In the games
Manually withdrawing a Pokémon happens [[priority|before]] all moves, except {{m|Pursuit}} if it is targeting the Pokémon that is switching out.
When a Pokémon is withdrawn, all of its [[Statistic|stat]] changes, [[type]] changes, Ability changes, [[move]]s learned via {{m|Mimic}}, and volatile [[status condition]]s are removed. Additionally, Pokémon with {{a|Natural Cure}} heal their non-volatile status conditions, and Pokémon with {{a|Regenerator}} heal their HP by up to 1/3 of its maximum. The replacement Pokémon can be affected by {{m|Spikes}}, {{m|Stealth Rock}}, {{m|Toxic Spikes}}, or {{m|Sticky Web}}.
[[Experience]] is fundamentally evenly divided among Pokémon that participated in a battle (and are not fainted) against an opponent that has not switched out, but [[Experience#Experience gain in battle|many factors]] can affect this.