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Pokémon in Canada

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In Quebec French
[[File:Canada French VHS volume 1.png|thumb|right|200px|Volume 1 of the Pokémon anime distributed in Canadian French by Imavision Distribution Inc]]
The Quebec dub aired on {{wp|Télétoon (Canadian TV channel)|Télétoon}}, a French-language children's network based in {{wp|Montreal}}. Télétoon stopped airing Pokémon after the completion of ''[[S04|Pokémon: Johto League Champions]]''. Following this, ''[[S05|Pokémon: Master Quest]]'' was partly aired on a different network, {{wp|V (TV network)|TQS}}. The Canadian French version of Pokémon was cancelled in 2004 for unknown reasons. The Quebec dub was released on VHS and DVD by Imavision Distribution Inc., but their license to distribute the series has expired and their Pokémon titles have gone out of print.
Unlike the series, the [[Pokémon movie]]s were fully redubbed in Quebec with a local cast by the dubbing company '''Covitec'''. They were distributed on VHS and bilingual DVD (with both French and English audio tracks) by {{wp|Warner Brothers}}, although no movies have been released to Canadians in French since [[VIZ Media]] took over the distribution of the films.
In November 2014, Pokémon finally returned to Télétoon with the {{series|XY}}, following the channel's English counterpart. Unlike its previous airing on the network, the dub currently airing on Télétoon is not modified for Quebec and uses France's names and terms, in keeping with all other French-language ''Pokémon'' material in Canada simply consisting of Europe's translations.
{{tt|Currently|Last checked: April 7, 2016}}, Télétoon airs ''[[S18|Pokémon the Series: XY Kalos Quest]]'' at the following times:
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