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Pokémon in Canada

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* Scott Ramsoomair, the author of the webcomic ''{{OBP|Super Effective|webcomic}}'', is Canadian,<ref>[ Scott Ramsooair Biography @] (retrieved February 18, 2010)</ref> as is {{wp|Ryan Reynolds}}, the voice actor for {{OBP|Detective Pikachu|character|the eponymous character}} in the ''{{mov|Detective Pikachu}}'' film.
*[ Poké] redirects to [[Poké]].
* [[Darren Dunstan]] was born in Canada.
* For [[April Fool's Day 2014]], Bulbapedia and other Bulbagarden websites adopted a Canadian theme, with Bulbanews releasing several Canada-themed hoax articles.
* [[LaRousse City]] was based on {{wp|Vancouver}}, {{wp|British Columbia}}.