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Personality and characteristics
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'''Ash's Lapras''' (Japanese: '''サトシのラプラス''' ''Satoshi's Laplace'') was the first {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} {{pkmn2|caught}} by {{Ash}} in the [[Orange Archipelago|Orange Islands]], and his twelfth overall. It had been separated from {{DL|Recurring wild Pokémon in the anime|Lapras|its family}}, so Ash promised to reunite them. It served as the main transportation through the islands until its family was found on the way back to [[Pallet Town]].
==In the anime==
====Orange Archipelago====
[[File:Ash Lapras young.png|thumb|left|215px|Lapras while still a child]]
Ash first met Lapras onin ''[[TangeloEP084|The IslandLost Lapras]]''. whenIt hehad andbecome separated from {{ashfrDL|Recurring wild Pokémon in the anime|Lapras|its family}} sawand itwashed beingonto abusedthe byshores of [[ThreeTangelo punks|three boysIsland]], who were trying to getwhere it readywas tobeing fightabused theby [[OrangeThree Crewpunks|three boys]]. {{AP|Pikachu}}'s {{m|Thunder Shock}} was able toquickly sendsent the trio running. {{Tracey}} examined Lapras and realized it needed help. He gave Ash some medicine to givefor it, while he went to tell [[Nurse Joy]]. However,but Lapras refused to take the medicine from Ashit. TheyAfterwards, thenthey took itLapras to the local [[Pokémon Center]], where [[Nurse Joy]] explained that Lapras was afraid of [[human]]s. Soon, Ash gained Lapras's trust after he saved it from {{TRT}}. Later during that episode, Lapras later decided to become a part of Ash's [[party|team]] after Ash promised to reunite it with its family.
Lapras was used extensively as a means of transportation. Ash, {{an|Misty}}, and Tracey rode on its back as it carried them through the seas from one [[Orange Archipelago|island to another]].
[[File:Ash and Lapras.png|thumb|left|215px|Lapras and Ash]]
AshThanks wonto aLapras raceusing againstIce [[Cissy]]Beam, ridingAsh onwon Laprasa wave ride race in ''[[EP085|Fit to be Tide]]'' against [[Cissy]] and her {{p|Blastoise}}, gaining his first Orange League [[Badge]] in the process.
He later used it against [[Danny]] in ''[[EP093|Navel Maneuvers]]'' when competing for his second Badge. Lapras had to use Ice Beam to freeze a geyser, but it lost to Danny's {{p|Nidoqueen}}.
Lapras was also used against a {{p|Gengar}} in the final battle against {{OBP|Drake|Orange League}} in the Orange League. The cliffhanger of ''[[EP111|Hello, Pummelo!]]'' was the collision of attacks between the two. ''[[EP112|Enter the Dragonite]]'' began with the revelation that the collision had knocked out both Pokémon.
[[File:Lapras aging.png|250px|thumb|Comparison between Ash's Lapras's younger and older appearances]]
In ''[[EP113|Viva Las Lapras]]'', Ash and {{ashfr}} found {{DL|Recurring wild Pokémon in the anime|Lapras|the school}}herd that Lapras gothad become separated from. However, its school wanted nothing to do with Lapras, as it was accompanied by humans. They gained a hatred towards humans because of [[Captain Crook]], who hunted the Lapras. After Ash and his Lapras defeated the large school ofCaptain's {{p|Tentacruel}} belonging to the captain, the Lapras began to trust humans, and Ash's Lapras was able to rejoin the school, as well as its mother. Ash and Lapras went their separate ways from that point on.
Ash was briefly reunited with Lapras in ''[[EP257|Lapras of Luxury]]'', during which it was revealed to have matured into an adult. It eventually became the leader of its herd when the original leader stepped down in favor of Ash's Lapras, after witnessing it rescuing the herd from Team Rocket. ItLapras hasled neverit beenherd seenaway sincefrom then.the It[[Johto]] alsocoast reappearedto incontinue atheir flashback in ''[[EP273|Gotta Catch Ya Later!]]''migration.
Lapras reappeared in a flashback in ''[[EP273|Gotta Catch Ya Later!]]''.
===Personality and characteristics===
Lapras becamewas particularly afraid of all humans, atnamely firstbecause whenof the threeactions punksof started[[Three topunks|three abuseboys]] it.who Evenquickly withattacked Ashit winningafter againstit thewashed threeup punks,on Lapras[[Tangelo was still afraidIsland]]. When{{Ash}} Teamand RocketLapras camequickly byformed toa stealstrong thebond Lapras,after Ash stoppedsaved themit from doing{{TRT}} so,in and''[[EP084|The Lost Lapras became more trusting towards humans]]''. Since Lapras's speed was withcritical to Ash's success during thehis whole[[Orange tripLeague]] on the Orange Islandscampaign, it became sad whenas it returnedwas toused thein herd,many asof seenhis when[[Gym itLeader]] didn'tmatches. want to leave Ash.
It is an empathetic and reliable Pokémon who gained confidence during its time with Ash. Its more playful personality outshone its initial shyness. Lapras was hesitant to rejoin {{DL|Recurring wild Pokémon in the anime|Lapras|its family}} in ''[[EP113|Viva Las Lapras]]'', though Ash convinced it to do so. When Lapras later appeared in [[Johto]], it was shown to have grown more mature, eventually even taking the leadership of its herd after helping to defeat Team Rocket and save the other Lapras they had stolen.
===Moves used===